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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by 123zane321, Feb 14, 2017.


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  1. 123zane321

    123zane321 Member Ascendant

    My suggestion (well, not just mine, koolcat and synizter contributed as well) is to add more items to the Lolshop on 1.10 modded servers, in particular, SkyFactory 3

    The cost of said items would vary, of course, depending on usefulness/rarity/etc - I would imagine items being priced similarly to what they cost on Evolved Skyblock. For SkyFactory 3, adding some basic supplies such as dirt/grass, saplings, and water/lava source blocks would help some newer players out who would prefer somewhat of a helping hand early-game. A couple of higher-tier items could be added as well, for a higher price of course, such as Nether Stars.
    (Examples: Grass blocks, saplings, source blocks would be worth 150 Lolcoins, whereas a Nether Star would be worth ~1200 Lolcoins)

    Koolcat also suggested adding Queen Bees from Pam's HarvestCraft to the SkyFactory 3 Lolshop as well, which would be somewhat helpful, seeing as there is no other way that I'm aware of that they are obtainable.

    As I stated before, these additions would benefit those who want a little extra early game, as well as those who have larger amounts of Lolcoins to burn. Players who are somewhat inexperienced and need some help would be more likely to join as well, knowing that they can purchase a small advantage early game.
    Anyways, that's the suggestion I would like to put forward - hoping it gets accepted.

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